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Upload receipts to QuickBooks using Receipt-AI and SMS

Receipt-AI: Upload receipts to QuickBooks using SMS - Illustrative image of a man and a woman using their smartphones to upload receipts to QuickBooks via SMS, as depicted by the large mobile phone screen with chat bubbles in the background. The feature is part of the Receipt-AI service, it allows users to upload receipts to quickbooks efficiently

We recently launched a new feature that allows customers to upload receipts to QuickBooks using text messages. Having worked with both Xero and QuickBooks, we have so much empathy for accountants who perform this task daily. It is a repetitive and complicated process filled with intimidating terminology, and support is often limited.

Every day, We think about how we can help make this process simpler, specifically the uploading of receipts for reconciliation. As a result, we have made the decision to support the uploading of receipts to QuickBooks via text messages, all uploaded receipts images will be stored in "Attachment" folders in QuickBooks -aiming to contribute meaningfully to your efficiency and peace of mind.

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Works with Xero and QuickBooks

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Start texting receipts β†’
A working professional traveling at a client site smiles as he takes a photo of a receipt with his smartphone. He plans to upload the receipt using SMS and Receipt-AI, which is integrated with Xero or QuickBooks, while sitting in a cozy cafΓ© environment. Indicating the ease of using the app.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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