Friday, July 21, 2023

QuickBooks Disconnected

Your QuickBooks connection has been disconnected, preventing you from sending receipts directly to your QuickBooks account using email or SMS from Receipt-AI. How can I resolve this issue?

How can I reconnect Receipt-AI with QuickBooks?

1. Sign in to Receipt-AI -> Dashboard.

2. Click 'Connect to QuickBooks' to complete the setup.

3. You are all set. Upload your receipts using Email or SMS.

QuickBooks Disconnected: Two hands each holding a piece of a jigsaw puzzle about to connect them together, representing the seamless reintegration of Receipt-AI with QuickBooks after a disconnection.

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A working professional traveling at a client site smiles as he takes a photo of a receipt with his smartphone. He plans to upload the receipt using SMS and Receipt-AI, which is integrated with Xero or QuickBooks, while sitting in a cozy cafΓ© environment. Indicating the ease of using the app.

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