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The Journey of Receipt-AI: How we work together towards the future of accounting.

06 / 05

πŸŽ‰ Receipt-AI is the staff-picked project of the day!

Receipt-AI is the staff-picked project of the day and has been featured on the Peerlist homepage. We're grateful for this recognition and thank you for your continued support.

06 / 05

Organized Line Items for Easy Review

Our system automatically sorts and organizes line items on your receipts, ensuring that important details like the item name, quantity, unit price, and total price are always presented in a clear and consistent order. This feature helps you quickly review and manage your purchases efficiently.

05 / 24

Improved Customer Interface

Our update refines the UI flow, providing improved navigation and usability. Simplified menus, clearer call-to-action buttons, and an optimized layout make it easier for customers to access and manage their receipts.

05 / 23

Enhanced Receipt Price and Line Item Accuracy

Increased the accuracy of extracting receipt prices and line items, ensuring precise data capture and reducing manual corrections.

05 / 14

Improved Receipt Upload with Automatic Image Filtering

We have refined the receipt upload flow to determine what should be uploaded. The system now identifies and manages unwanted images, such as logos, signature automatically. You can safely forward email receipts with your signature included.

05 / 13

Issue Resolved: PDF Files Display

We have resolved an issue where PDF files were not displaying properly. You can now view your PDF documents without any interruptions. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked to improve your experience.

05 / 08

🎊 Explore Receipt Line Items

Just upload your receipts and watch as Receipt-AI automatically pulls out all the details for you. Need to tweak something? No problem. You can easily edit and manage each line item to keep your expense tracking spot-on. It’s all about making your financial management as easy as possible.

04 / 19

More Receipt Data for Clearer Insights

Added more sources to improve accuracy and depth of receipt insights.

04 / 19

From Single-Page to Multi-Page Receipts

Our latest update expands our PDF parsing capabilities from single-page to multi-page receipts, improving the accuracy of transaction data extraction. It's perfect for businesses that need to manage large volumes of receipts.

04 / 17

Supported File Formats for Receipt-AI

Receipt-AI supports the following file formats for receipts: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, HEIC, HEIF, and PDF. We aim to clearly communicate the product's offerings and provide convenience for businesses on the go.

04 / 13

Corrected Flow Issue on Pricing Page

Resolved a navigation issue on the pricing page, improving overall user experience and accessibility.

04 / 11

Fixed the Receipt Update Flow

Following our latest update, we've addressed an issue where the route for updating receipts was not as straightforward as it should be. The process is now more direct and efficient, eliminating unnecessary steps and ensuring a smoother experience for managing your receipts.

04 / 10

Improved External Link Security

Improved External Link Security ensures the safety and integrity of your Receipt-AI accounts. This essential security feature protects you from potential vulnerabilities while maintaining a smooth browsing experience.

04 / 08

Quicker Receipt Management - Upgraded Drag-and-Drop

We've improved our receipt drag-and-drop feature to make it faster and more efficient, ensuring quicker processing times and a smoother user experience. Expect a service that gets your receipts ready for use in no time.

04 / 02

Introducing the Drag and Drop Receipts Feature

In addition to email and SMS, we offer a third method for managing your receipts: a simple drag-and-drop feature. We aim to make it absolutely effortless for you and your team to upload, manage, and review receipts. This integration makes keeping track of expenses more convenient and efficient.

03 / 28

Improving Accuracy by Considering Regional Aspects

We understand that receipt formats vary by country and sometimes even by region. We are committed to improving the accuracy of data retrieval from your receipts without requiring manual entries. This feature will ensure that we consider the country's specific characteristics in our analysis.

03 / 27

Upgraded Receipt Navigation UI

This feature organizes receipts across multiple pages for easy browsing. With simple navigation controls and clear indicators of the current and total pages, it enhances user experience by simplifying the process of finding and reviewing receipts.

03 / 24

New Receipt Insight Metrics

These chart metrics provide an immediate, clear view of your most critical receipt information, helping you make decisions faster and with more information.

03 / 21

Articles Organized for Quick Access

Easily navigate through articles, with the latest ones highlighted upfront and the rest organized into three easy-to-browse sections. This setup helps you quickly find the information you need.

03 / 21

⚑️ Improved Website Speed and Performance

When receipts accumulate into the hundreds, there could be slowdowns in certain areas. We have optimized the speed and performance of Receipt-AI to improve your experience with viewing and searching receipts.

03 / 09

Better Receipt Images - 2.0

Clean, easy to read, even better receipt images - Receipt-AI

03 / 05

πŸ“§ Better Receipt Images from Your Emails

Receipt images from emails will look clearer and more vivid. Enjoy cleaner, more detailed receipts for easy reading and tracking.

02 / 16

Better Receipt Numbers Detection

Refines numbers capture from receipts, saving you time by reducing the need for edits.

02 / 15

⇦ Added Next and Previous buttons to the Receipt page

Navigate your past purchases more easily and quickly, without the need to go back to the main receipts list.

02 / 13

Optimized CSV Files

We have added more data to your CSV file and organized the display of the receipt information in a more structured way.

12 / 22

Improvement in the accuracy of receipt data

Happy Friday. We've improved the accuracy of extracting and interpreting key details from receipts.

11 / 28

πŸ”Ž Added a Search bar for your Receipts!

Experience the convenience of our new feature: search for receipts by date, address, name, or total, making it faster and easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

11 / 18

Added book a demo

Are you looking to solve a specific problem? Want to learn more about how it works? Book a demo to find out more about the product.

11 / 17

πŸ“Έ Added new Profile photo

The new feature lets our customers upload their own profile photos, adding a personal touch to their accounts.

11 / 15

Added many new charts

This comprehensive suite of charts, including pie, column, and bar charts etc, provides an in-depth analysis of your spending patterns and investment returns. It's designed to offer clear insights into where your money goes and how your investments are performing.

11 / 09

🌟 New Receipts Insights

New Receipts Insights offers a clear view of your company's spending. Simple, practical, and efficient, it helps you understand your expenses better to make informed financial choices.

11 / 07

Share Articles to Social Media

Easily share articles on Email, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter). A quick, versatile way to share content across your favorite social networks.

11 / 06

πŸŽ‰ It's official: We are on the QuickBooks App Store

We've passed our final Marketing review (3rd and last review) from QuickBooks. Yay!

10 / 31

Redesigned the Dashboard

We've redesigned the dashboard to a fresh new look, making sure it’s super easy and clear for everyone to use. Our goal is to create a space where everything you need is just a click away, without any clutter or confusion.

10 / 31

πŸ—‚οΈ New Folder AI - Email

Good news for Premium and Business users! We've upgraded Folder AI to now work with emails as well as text messages. To turn it on, just go to 'Edit Profile' and switch on 'Folder AI'. Whenever you upload a receipt, Receipt-AI will prompt you to choose the right folder to save it inβ€”whether it's through SMS or email.

10 / 23

On the way to QuickBooks store

We just passed the security review (2nd Round) πŸŽ‰

10 / 23

Upgraded your account's security.

We've added layers of security to your account, ensuring even stronger protection for your data and privacy.

10 / 02

πŸ—‚οΈ New Folder AI

For Premium and Business account holders. Go to 'Edit Profile' and turn on Folder AI. When Folder AI is on, Receipt-AI will ask which folder to save your receipt in. (Text messages only)

08 / 29

Smart Gratuity/Tip Detector

We're constantly enhancing our service for greater accuracy and fewer manual steps. Introducing the 'Receipt Gratuity Detector' – automatically detect and calculate gratuity from your receipts.

08 / 28

Try sending an Email receipt without an image

When you forward an email receipt to Receipt-AI, it no longer needs to be an image. We can now process the text directly from the email and upload it to your account.

08 / 11

Premium & Business Users: Invite Your Team Now

For Premium and Business users, you can now invite your team members in the 'Team' section inside Dashboard, and get your team started with receipt uploads.

07 / 18

Time saver with QuickBooks

You can now upload your receipts directly to your QuickBooks account. They will be stored under 'Attachments' for easy access and organization. Hooray!

07 / 17

Secure Encryption: Protecting Your Data

With our advanced encryption technology, your valuable information is safeguarded, delivering an added layer of protection just for you.

07 / 11

QuickBooks Integration (Coming soon)

We are in the progress of bringing Receipt-AI to QuickBooks, stay tuned 🎡

06 / 27

The New Receipt Insights

Whenever you upload a receipt, Receipt-AI will automatically analyze the data and generate useful statistics just for you. You'll be able to see key information presented in a simple and clear way, helping you gain a better understanding of your company's spending habits and financial patterns.

06 / 21

Added Monthly Plans

Introducing a new monthly subscription option alongside our yearly plan, providing more flexibility. We are excited to invite new users to give our service a try with the monthly subscription, giving them an opportunity to experience the benefits firsthand before making a long-term commitment.

06 / 20

Faster and Smoother

Receipt-AI has made improvements to make things faster and more efficient, resulting in significant reductions in loading and response times. This means you can access and work with your receipts smoothly and without any delays.

06 / 16

Introducing "Manage your account"

Your hub for subscription and billing control. With this feature, you have complete control over your subscriptions, making it simple to update payment details, view billing information, and manage your account.

06 / 09

Preparation to the Xero Store 1.2

We have integrated Xero's essential branding into Receipt-AI, preparing it to be featured in the Xero app store. This is an exciting and significant milestone for us!

06 / 08

Added 'Disconnect Xero' Button

This feature allows you to switch the connection between your Xero account with our platform, providing you with greater control over the settings.

06 / 07

Upload Receipts via Emails

Starting today, you can upload receipts from anywhere in the world. Simply email your receipt image to Receipt-AI (find the email address in your dashboard). With our latest improvements, we've managed to save an incredible 97% of your time! πŸŒβ±οΈπŸŽ‰

05 / 23

Advanced security enhancement

We have enhanced the safety and protection of your account and data.

05 / 21

Added The Journey of Receipt-AI

We want to share updates with you because we genuinely value transparency, recognizing that even the grandest mountains start with a humble stone. If you have any suggestions, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us.

05 / 12

More pricing choices

We've added more subscription plans. Our goal is to grow with you, and we believe that providing more pricing choices will help you find the perfect plan to fit your needs and budget.

05 / 07

Added work phone number

With this feature, you can provide an additional phone number to be used specifically for work-related receipts.

04 / 28

Image Recognition ✨

Automated data extraction. Save time and reduce errors and provides valuable insights!

04 / 21

Improved Overall Message

We want to make sure that our message is clear and concise, and that it provides you with the information you need.

04 / 21

New Receipt Detail Page for Easy Access

When you click on a specific receipt, you'll be taken to a new page where you can see the date, time, image, and other important details about your purchase.

04 / 21

Enhanced Homepage Design

A section was added to the homepage to showcase the product features in a more organized and visually appealing way.

04 / 21

Added a Cat Logo

We hope you'll find the new logo as fun and memorable as we do!

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