Friday, March 15, 2024

πŸŽ‰ Receipt-AI is Featured by Postmark

πŸŽ‰ Receipt-AI is Featured by Postmark: An image depicting a drawn lightbulb with radiant lines, symbolizing the concept of a breakthrough idea, which relates to Receipt-AI's recognition by Postmark for its creative solution.

We're delighted to announce that Receipt-AI has been featured by Postmark, a leader in email delivery services. We always value simplicity of thought and focus on our customers. This recognition has further motivated us in building the best product.

A little back story

In the interview with Postmark, our founder, Queenie Peng, talked about how Receipt-AI was started. Our goal is to simplify bookkeeping and taxes for businesses. Receipt-AI uses AI, email, and SMS technologies. By allowing users to quickly capture and send a receipt image via SMS, we significantly reduce the time spent on bookkeeping and expense tracking.

We appreciate Postmark for recognizing our work and our users for your trust in Receipt-AI. Thank you for your support. It inspires us to improve our services every day.

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Start uploading Receipts using SMS.

Save 97% of your time with efficient receipt processing

Works with Xero and QuickBooks

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Business owner using Receipt-AI to take a picture of a receipt in a coffee shop.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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