Thursday, October 12, 2023

7 reasons why your company should use Receipt-AI

1 You and your team are always on the go.

Attending conferences, meeting clients, or on job sites—using a phone is just 10x more practical. Texting provides a quick way to handle receipts and expenses, and with Receipt-AI, you can pick up any conversation right where you left off.

2 You don’t want the fuss of issuing company cards.

Not everyone is issued a company card, but everyone has a phone. Simplifying expense reporting with Receipt-AI and SMS can help workflow move more efficiently, reflecting a well-organized company structure.

3 You value a fresh and clean system.

Big companies are big for a reason. They move more slowly due to organizational size, legacy codebases, and sometimes buggy systems. Working with a startup is like stepping into a new building—equipped with new appliances, the latest technology, improved infrastructure, and a smooth, non-clunky system.

7 reasons why your company should use Receipt-AI: An enthusiastic French Bulldog with its head out of a car window, tongue out, enjoying the breeze, symbolizes the ease and joy that Receipt-AI brings to managing travel expenses for companies, making it as carefree and enjoyable as a ride in the countryside.

4 You use QuickBooks or Xero.

Your company's books are on this accounting software. Maintaining records in both Receipt-AI and your accounting software represents good bookkeeping practices.

5 You want to work with the tools you already have.

Text messages, Email, QuickBooks, and Xero - Receipt-AI integrates with them seamlessly. While opening an app might take up to 15 seconds, texting a receipt to Receipt-AI can be done in less than 5 seconds.

6 You have a growth mindset.

The software you see today is just the tip of the iceberg. Growth in startups is genuinely exciting. Being part of one connects you with new technologies, ideas, and insights.

7 Your team wants to earn points from their credit cards.

Why not let them? They are the frontline warriors for your company. Provide a solution that can let them enjoy a trip to Italy by the end of the year. After all, your team recognize a good deal when they see one.

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A working professional traveling at a client site smiles as he takes a photo of a receipt with his smartphone. He plans to upload the receipt using SMS and Receipt-AI, which is integrated with Xero or QuickBooks, while sitting in a cozy café environment. Indicating the ease of using the app.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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