Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Partnerships with QuickBooks

Since November 3rd, 2023, Receipt-AI has been available in the QuickBooks store.

Visit Receipt-AI on QuickBooks store: []

Partnerships with QuickBooks: A diverse group of four people, two men and two women, smiling and fist-bumping in a lush greenhouse setting. The man on the left is wearing a light blue shirt, the man next to him is wearing glasses and a yellow jacket, the woman next to him has dreadlocks and is wearing a pink dress, and the woman on the right has braided hair. They are surrounded by large green plants and appear to be celebrating the news that Receipt-AI is now available on the QuickBooks store.

How to Upload Receipts to QuickBooks?

1. Connect to your QuickBooks account.

2. Upload your receipt using Drag and Drop, Email or SMS.

3. Find all the receipts under 'Attachments' in your QuickBooks.

* Every time you upload a receipt, Receipt-AI renames the file to 'Date-Name-Total-Memo'(E.g. 2024-04-08-Yep-Kitchen-69.99-Lunch-with-client) and uploads the receipt to your QuickBooks account. This helps to simplify the reconciliation process by quickly navigating to the receipt you need.

Receipt-AI story

We've talked with many groups about building partnerships. From these discussions, we've realized that lifetime deals, don't align with the nature of our ongoing SaaS product. (Don't get me wrong, I respect their business model.) Since Receipt-AI is specifically designed for sustained bookkeeping, one time deals may not be suitable for us.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers, With this in mind, we've chosen a different approach by exploring opportunities with QuickBooks and Xero. We are proud to share that we recently passed the 2nd security interview with QuickBooks. Our software already works seamlessly with QuickBooks, we look forward to being a part of the store soon.

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