Monday, November 13, 2023

⭐️ Introducing the new Receipt Insight 2.0

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Receipt-AI new feature: Receipt insight 2.0: A colorful pie chart titled 'Top 10 Visited Vendors' from the new Receipt Insight 2.0 feature, displaying the percentage of receipts from various vendors. 'Yep Kitchen' leads with 28.2%, followed by other vendors such as, postmark, turbotax, and Each vendor is represented by a different color slice, with corresponding legends on the side. In the lower-left corner, there's a circular profile photo of a woman, indicating the presenter and founder of Receipt-AI - Queenie Peng.

How does Receipt Insight work?

In this video, we are excited to present the new Receipt Insight 2.0 to you. Building on top of our last version, we've taken this feature to new heights.

Check out the top 10 most visited vendors. Receipt-AI can extract the vendor's name and address from your receipts by simply send a receipt picture using SMS. Now, it's time to present this data in a more meaningful way.

We've also integrated different chart types to help you better understand your company's spending and expense patterns. Easily switch from a pie chart to a column chart, or a bar chart with just a simple click.

We also offer many other statistics for you to explore, such as top sources and top 10 expenses. Log in to your account to discover more about your company. Visit Receipt-AI for more information.

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