Sunday, October 01, 2023

Introducing the new Folder AI

Simply send your receipt as you always have. Receipt AI will then ask which folder you’d prefer to save it in. Curious about how it works? You can see the process in the image below.

How does Folder AI work?

1. Email or Text your receipt.

2. Reply with a number or a new folder name.

3. Your receipt will be shown under the folder of your choice.

Introducing the new folder ai feature

How to Activate Folder AI:

Sign up on Receipt-AI.

Go to Dashboard and click 'Edit Profile'

Activate 'Folder AI'.

Your voice is our compass. A common wish among our community was for a smarter way to organize receipts. In answer to this, we're proud to present Folder AI.

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Start uploading Receipts using SMS.

Save 97% of your time with efficient receipt processing

Works with Xero and QuickBooks

Perfect for businesses, big and small

No extra app downloads. Works with tools you already have (Email and SMS)

Start texting receipts →
Business owner using Receipt-AI to take a picture of a receipt in a coffee shop.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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