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What does reconcile mean?

Reconcile definition: An accountant is working on financial reconciliation, with a focus on an expense document displaying numerical data. One hand is holding a pen, indicating active engagement in verifying figures or annotating entries, while the other operates a calculator, likely adjusting financial records or confirming accuracy. A laptop and further financial documentation on the desk suggest a thorough accounting process is underway.

What is reconciliation?

Reconciliation is the process of checking and correcting differences between two sets of records to ensure they match correctly. For instance, when using accounting software like Xero or QuickBooks, it means aligning transactions from your bank account with the transactions recorded in your Xero or QuickBooks.

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What is the book?

In accounting, ‘the book’ is a set of financial records where all transactions are recorded. Such as sales, purchases, and payments. If you're using accounting software, think of it as your digital book. We don't recommend relying on pen and paper in today's world.

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What is considered a clean book?

Having a clean book means that a company's financial records are well organized, up to date and accurate. If you run a lemonade stand, a clean book means you know exactly how many lemons you bought, how many cups of lemonade you sold, and how much money you made. Making it very easy to understand how the business is performing.

What are charts of accounts?

Chart of Accounts is a list of categories where you track all your money movements. Think of them like folders where you put all your transactions in. Here are the 5 Folders:

1. Assets

These are resources owned by a business that can be converted into cash. This includes cash itself, equipment(like a printer), and receivables (money owed to the business by customers who haven't paid yet).

2. Liabilities

Refers to the money the business owes, such as loans or bills that need to be paid.

3. Equity

Represents the value remaining after subtracting all liabilities from assets.

4. Revenue

This is the money earned from operating the business.

5. Expenses

They are the costs incurred in running the business, such as travel, meals, software, and office supplies.

The concept of accounting/bookkeeping is generally simple and straightforward, but often people are intimidated by the terminology. Expenses are one of the largest categories where lots of transactions happen. In Receipt-AI, we help businesses manage the expenses efficiently using Email and SMS. We believe that everyone should understand the basics of accounting, and we will try our best to explain these concepts in the simplest way.


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