Monday, November 06, 2023

Receipt-AI is Now Officially Available on the QuickBooks Store

We began working on getting our product to the QuickBooks store on July 3rd. Just last Friday, we got great news from Intuit: Receipt-AI is now on the QuickBooks App Store!

Visit Receipt-AI on QuickBooks store:

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Back story

We've built lots of apps for places like Apple and Google stores. But getting Receipt-AI onto QuickBooks was by far the most difficult. It took us 4 months and there are 3 big steps we need to pass:

β€’ Technical.

β€’ Security (The most difficult part).

β€’ Marketing.

Each step has its own set of actions and evaluations. We had several conversations back and forth with Intuit, who consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise. A great partnership for both - aimed at the goal of supercharging bookkeeping.

We Have The Receipts


receipt ai

best receipt app


Start uploading Receipts using SMS.

Save 97% of your time with efficient receipt processing

Works with Xero and QuickBooks

Perfect for businesses, big and small

No extra app downloads. Works with tools you already have (Email and SMS)

Start texting receipts β†’
Business owner using Receipt-AI to take a picture of a receipt in a coffee shop.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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