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Invoice vs Receipt

An invoice and a receipt are both documents related to the process of buying and selling, but they serve different purposes.

Which one should I upload for expenses?
A receipt is better.

If you have to choose between an invoice and a receipt for tracking expenses, a receipt is generally more suitable because it is direct evidence that a payment has been made. It confirms that the transaction has been completed and the expense has actually occurred.

Invoice vs Receipt: Close-up of a thermal printer ejecting a receipt with printed details visible, including a timestamp, itemized charges, net and VAT amounts, and a total sum. The receipt is partially curled as it exits the machine, suggesting a recent transaction. The focus on the receipt and the printer emphasizes the completion of a sale, which is often confused with an invoice that instead requests payment.

What are the differences between an invoice and a receipt?


Invoice: A request for payment for goods or services rendered.
Receipt: Proof of payment for goods or services purchased.


Invoice: Issued before payment, often to initiate a payment process.
Receipt: Provided after payment as confirmation that payment has been received.

Legal and Tax Implications:

Both the invoice and the receipt can be legally binding documents.

Invoice: Indicating an obligation to pay.
Receipt: Serves as evidence that a transaction has occurred.

For reconciling bank statements and during audits, receipts provide the necessary proof of payment, making them essential for validating expenses for your business.

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