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Receipt-AI is Featured on Product Hunt today!

Receipt-AI is on Product Hunt today! - Screenshot of Receipt-AI product page on Product Hunt, highlighting features such as managing receipts with AI and SMS for busy traveling teams, convenient management options via SMS, email, drag and drop, and simplified reconciliation with QuickBooks and Xero. The page includes the product's description, upvotes, and user icons representing supporters and categories like Fintech, SaaS, and Finance.

* Receipt-AI on Product Hunt.

Receipt-AI - Manage receipts with AI and SMS for busy traveling teams | Product Hunt

One year ago, we introduced Receipt-AI to the market. Today, we launched Receipt-AI on product hunt. Here are 6 key lessons I have learned along the way.

1. Go after your dream, even though many others donโ€™t see it.

2. The sooner you get out of the cycle of worrying about what others think of you, the more freedom you have.

3. Surround yourself with good choices, and make it 10 times harder to make the bad ones.

4. Dream big and aim high. Whatever you set your mind to can happen.

5. A big ego is your worst enemy.

6. There's never a better time to start building than today.

Entrepreneurship is not supposed to be easy. We are a team of capable engineers. We believe that if we get the product and technology right, everything else will fall into place. We aim to build the best product anyone has to offer.

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A working professional traveling at a client site smiles as he takes a photo of a receipt with his smartphone. He plans to upload the receipt using SMS and Receipt-AI, which is integrated with Xero or QuickBooks, while sitting in a cozy cafรฉ environment. Indicating the ease of using the app.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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