Saturday, October 28, 2023

First time vs Many many times

When I quit my job and started the business three years ago, I went swimming in Lake Michigan in the middle of winter, just like one of those cliché movies, I screamed to the lake: “We are starting a business!!!”"

We all have one of those moments, filled with excitement and fear of the unknown.

Remember the first time we had to get a job after school?
Or the very first time we moved to a new city?

It turns out that everything has its 1st time, as well as many, many times. The first time is usually the hardest, but once we’ve crossed it, the excitement kicks in, the fear disappears, and it becomes one of the many, many times. Every time we step out of our comfort zone, we grow and thrive. We keep doing it until we become so good at it.

Want to learn to code? Start writing that first line of “Hello world”.
Want to learn to sell? Start by talking to a customer.

We are excited, we are scared, we may fumble, and that’s okay - the growth will make up for it.

The first time I went skiing. I was trying hard not to fall off the chairlift.




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