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We've hit $1 million in total expenses in Receipt-AI

We've hit $1 million in total expenses in Receipt-AI πŸ™Œ

Nothing makes me happier than creating a product that people enjoy using. We understand that tracking receipts is a major pain point for many companies, especially for those who travel frequently. Both our users and our team enjoy using Receipt-AI, and we believe it has the potential to benefit many more people.

We have faced many challenges and learned a lot of skills along the wayβ€”sales and marketing, accounting and taxes, legal, and development. Each time we pick up a new skill, it makes us a better and stronger team. We're excited for the future ahead of us.

We are two founders based in Chicago.
We believe that good software should be effortless and require no learning curve.

We've hit $1 million in total expenses in Receipt-AI: An infographic displaying key metrics of a productivity tool. It reads: '2768+ Receipts Uploaded,' indicating the number of receipts processed by the software. '97% Higher Productivity,' suggesting a significant improvement in efficiency for users. '4705.6 Minutes Saved,' quantifying the time saved using the tool. And '$1,083,952+ Total Expenses,' representing the amount of expenses managed through

1.08 million total expenses ✌️

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A working professional traveling at a client site smiles as he takes a photo of a receipt with his smartphone. He plans to upload the receipt using SMS and Receipt-AI, which is integrated with Xero or QuickBooks, while sitting in a cozy cafΓ© environment. Indicating the ease of using the app.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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