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Line Item Extraction with Receipt-AI

How Does Line Item Extraction Work?

Simply take a picture of the receipt and send it via SMS, email, or drag and drop. Receipt-AI will extract general receipt information such as date, vendor name, total, address, phone number, and all line items.

What Line Item Details Can Be Extracted?

It depends on the document. For a simple receipt, we can extract information such as item description, price, quantity, unit price, product code, etc. For hotel receipts, we can extract details like date, tax, room information, and more. However, Receipt-AI cannot extract information that is not present on the documents.

How Do I Start using Line Item Extraction?

1. Sign up on Receipt-AI.

2. Select the Premium or Business Plan.

3. Upload your receipts via email or SMS.

Line Item Extraction with Receipt-AI: The image displays a digital interface that shows a receipt from

* Receipt-AI extracts general receipt information and its line items using SMS.

What is the Accuracy of Line Item Extraction?

Receipt-AI uses advanced AI, OCR and machine learning algorithms to ensure high accuracy in extracting line items from receipts. However, Receipt-AI can make mistakes, consider checking important information.

Where Can I Find the Receipt Line Items?

All line items are listed below your receipt for easy access.

Are There Any Limits on the Number of Line Items?

We don't limit the number of line items that can be extracted from your receipts. However, this feature is available only to Premium and Business account users and their team members.

Can I Edit the Line Items?

Yes, simply click "Edit Receipt" under each receipt to add, edit, or remove any line items as needed.

Line Item Extraction with Receipt-AI: A professional workspace featuring a wooden desk scattered with various business and financial documents including invoices, a tax refund form, and a financial plan. The desk also holds a laptop, a vintage calculator, a sketchpad with icons representing digital communication, a cup of coffee, and a small potted plant. This setup illustrates a comprehensive financial management environment, ideal for discussing advanced solutions like Receipt-AI for line item extraction from receipts and financial documents.

What Kinds of Documents Can Be Extracted?

Receipts, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents with a similar format, including but not limited to:

Shipping Manifests: These documents list the details of cargo being shipped, including item descriptions, quantities, and destinations.

Packing Slips: Accompanying goods shipped to a buyer, packing slips detail the contents of a package, including quantities and descriptions.

Sales Orders: These document orders made by customers, detailing products or services purchased, quantities, and prices.

Bills of Materials (BOMs): Essential in manufacturing, BOMs list the raw materials, components, and instructions required to construct a product.

Quotations or Estimates: Provided before confirming orders, these documents detail the expected costs for products or services.

Delivery Notes: They confirm the delivery of goods and specify item details, quantities, and conditions upon arrival.

Proforma Invoices: Issued to declare the value of goods for customs, shipping, and insurance, containing similar details to a standard invoice but used for non-sale purposes.

Can I Integrate Receipt-AI with Other Accounting Software?

Yes, Receipt-AI integrates with various accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Xero. While direct upload of line items to these platforms is not currently supported, it is on our radar. Add your email on our homepage to receive updates about this and other new features as they become available.

What is the Pricing for Premium and Business Plans?

For detailed pricing information, please enter your email on the Receipt-AI website. We offer competitive rates for both Premium and Business plans.

How Do I Manage My Account and Subscription?

You can manage your account and subscription settings from the dashboard on the Receipt-AI website. This includes upgrading, downgrading, or canceling your subscription.

How Often is the Service Updated?

We continuously improve Receipt-AI with regular updates to enhance features, improve accuracy, and add new functionalities based on user feedback.

Can I Request a Feature?

Absolutely! Simply enter your email on the Receipt-AI website and send us your feature request via email.

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