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How to upload receipts to Xero?

Upload receipts to Xero using Receipt-AI:

1. Sign up on Receipt-AI

2. Connect your Xero account

3. Upload your receipts using Email and SMS

How to upload receipts to Xero: Screenshot of an organized Xero inbox display, showcasing the renaming of receipt files using Receipt-AI system. Each file is named with a consistent format: date of the transaction, vendor name, and total amount, such as '2024-02-28_whole-foods-market_38.52' and '2024-02-28_legend-dumping-bao_49.71'. The inbox is equipped with functionalities for file management such as 'Upload file', 'Add to new', 'Move to', and 'Delete', facilitating the process of attaching receipts to transactions in Xero.

* Each file is renamed with a consistent format in Xero by Receipt-AI: the date of the transaction, vendor name, and total amount, such as '2024-02-28_whole-foods-market_38.52', making it easy to find and attach to bank transactions.

Where can I find the receipts in Xero?

Click your company name -> Files.

What does the receipt look like in Xero?

All Receipts will be formatted as โ€˜Date-Name-Totalโ€™ for quick navigation, making attaching receipts to transactions very simple.

How to reconcile in Xero?

Learn more: How to reconcile in Xero.

Why does it take a few days for transactions to show up in Xero?

Transaction Processing Time: The date you initiate a transaction with a vendor is the date you expect it to be recorded. However, it can take several days for the transaction to be processed by the vendor's bank, your bank, and the payment processing system. During busy periods, weekends, or holidays, this delay can be longer. Therefore, the transaction date in Xero is the date when the transaction clears your bank account, not when it was initiated.

* Using Receipt-AI to immediately upload your receipts using SMS minimizes the risk of losing them and ensures all purchases and supplies essential for company operations are documented in Xero, despite bank transaction delays.

How to upload receipts to Xero: A graphic icon representing cloud-based upload functionality, with a stylized blue cloud and a prominent upward-pointing arrow, indicative of uploading receipts to cloud accounting software such as Xero using Receipt-AI technology.

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