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Hollywood and Silicon Valley

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Hollywood and Silicon Valley: An image featuring a sloth behind the wheel of a car, with a colorful, blurry background indicating a lively setting. A person's hand is holding a smartphone, taking a picture of the sloth. The word 'TRAILER' in bold white letters with an 'HD' sign indicates this is a high-definition movie trailer. The scene suggests a comedic or family-friendly movie, blending elements of Hollywood storytelling with likely digital enhancements from Silicon Valley technology.

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Cady Lanigan, a story of a girl making her way in Hollywood. Like many young girls there, she's blonde, she's funny, and she excels at networking. I first met Cady in Hong Kong, and she's always dreamt of becoming an actress.

I couldn't understand at the time: a smart and funny girl like her could be anything, so why choose acting? Peter Thiel often comments on Hollywood's fierce competitiveness, noting how many talented actresses eventually find themselves waiting tables for life. But despite all the criticism, Cady persisted. She's appeared in numerous shows and movies over the past decade. From her role in “The Sad Cafe” in 2011 to her latest achievement: writing her first movie “Slotherhouse”(Yes, with a sloth), set to play in AMC theaters nationwide.

I watched the premiere yesterday. I laughed, joked, and had a lot of fun. It was then that I began to see the similarities between acting and startups. It suddenly made sense why Silicon Valley is so close to Hollywood. Both places are filled with ambitious people who dream big.

Cady understands that in order to make an impact, she must create opportunities for herself. If you haven’t already, I urge you to watch “Slotherhouse”. It's not just a film. It's a testament to a decade of relentless passion and perseverance.

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