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Common Usage Questions for Receipt-AI

What does archive receipt mean?

If a receipt is archived, it's removed from your account. They are still used in our machine learning model to help improve the service without compromising your privacy.

How to add a note to my receipt?

If you use Email, include a note in the subject line with your receipt.
If you use SMS, send a text message with your receipt image to Receipt-AI.
If you use Drag and Drop upload, add a memo using (Edit Receipt).

Common Usage Questions for Receipt-AI: Conceptual illustration related to frequently asked questions for Receipt-AI. Two hands are positioned at opposite ends of the image, one lower than the other, signifying a transfer of ideas or solutions. Above the upper hand are bright, glowing light bulbs signifying solutions or ideas, while above the lower hand are question marks representing queries or problems. The background is a solid teal color, emphasizing a straightforward exchange of problems and innovative solutions.

What is the size limit for sending a email receipt?

There is a limit to the size of emails our servers can handle. For optimal performance, try not to include more than three images in a single email. If it's a large attachment over 10MB, send it in a separate email.

Why do we receive duplicate receipts using SMS?

We process SMS receipts based on when we get them, which depends on your carrier's system. Users of all types of phones do occasionally receive duplicate messages, typically as the result of a safeguard that carriers implement when they think there may have been a service disruption.

Why are the receipt images sometimes not showing up on my account?

Depending on your browser, images might be cached. Usually you can see them after refreshing the page. If you still canโ€™t see the images after refreshing a few times, please contact us.

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