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Receipt-AI is featured on Peerlist

Receipt-AI is featured on Peerlist: Receipt-AI: Manage Receipts with AI and SMS for Busy Traveling Teams. The image shows a banner with the text 'Manage Receipts with AI and SMS' and a phone screen capturing a receipt. Instructions say 'Take a picture and Text,' illustrating the process of capturing a receipt image and sending it via SMS. The top of the image has the text 'Launched on Peerlist spotlight' with a laurel wreath design. The Receipt-AI logo is displayed below with the tagline 'Manage Receipts with AI and SMS for Busy Traveling Teams.'

๐ŸŽ‰ Receipt-AI on Peerlist. Staff Pick of the Week.

We are excited to announce the launch of Receipt-AI on Peerlist! As a startup dedicated to tracking receipts efficiently, we cater specifically to the unique needs of traveling teams and businesses. We understand the difficulty of gathering documents while on the go. Instead of creating a solution just for project managers, we aim to simplify our approach for everyoneโ€”from everyday users to project managers and controllers, addressing needs from the ground up.

Who will benefit from Receipt-AI the most?

Teams that:

+ Require a lot of traveling.

+ Need receipts for legal purposes.

+ Have strict tax compliance requirements.

+ Are responsible for billing clients.

+ Need secure receipt storage.

Try Receipt-AI today.

We are thrilled to join the Peerlist community and connect with other innovators and professionals. Launching on Peerlist, we aim to reach a broader audience, gather valuable feedback, and continuously improve our offering to meet the evolving needs of traveling teams and businesses.

traveling teams

automated data extraction

tax compliance

secure receipt storage

receipt ai

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Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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