Receipt management
with AI and Text messages

Save 97% of your time by uploading receipts to Xero or QuickBooks from your phone and laptop, making your life easier. Text receipts with ease in just 5 seconds.

The top-rated expense management app with a 5-star rating.

#1 Receipt AI App

The top-rated expense management app with a 5-star rating.
A photo of a receipt displayed on a phone screen is sent to Receipt-AI using a text message, and the AI responds with a message -"Thank you for the receipt."

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I absolutely love the concept of Receipt-AI! It's amazing how technology has advanced to the point where we can easily manage our receipts simply by taking a picture and text!

Steve K.

Business Owner

Making expense reports is PITA. I used to travel for work and it was such a pain to record all my receipts and make the report I would just not do it for a lot of stuff and just pay out of pocket for my own expenses while traveling (food, random cab rides, etc). With Receipt-AI, I could just text all my receipts while on a trip and that is really helpful.


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I’ve historically used a few different expense management tools and would spend 30-60 minutes a month saving images of receipts to properly expense items. It was a nightmare experience but was mandatory within big Corp. Receipt-AI is very simple to use if you use QuickBooks and/or Xero.

Sean C.

Gary Group Capital

Receipts Uploaded

Higher Productivity

Minutes Saved

Total Expensed

Managing receipts is simple

Receipts come in many forms: Physical, emails, or from your coworkers. With Receipt-AI, you can add every receipt into one central hub using email and SMS. Leverage AI to save 97% of your time.

Receipt-AI offers receipt upload using emails and text messages.

Everything in one place

Collaborate with your team by inviting them to connect their accounts. Simply by adding their emails.

A list of receipts in the dashboard with a simple CSV download button.

Support CSV download

Our user-friendly interface simplifies data downloads. As easy as the click of a button.

A CSV file containing merchant name, date, receipt image and total amount.

Work with Xero and QuickBooks

Easily connect to your accounting software. No more lost receipts or out-of-pocket payments. Upload receipts in seconds.

Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer are uploading their receipts, which include waffles, bacon, eggs, and butter as line items. The receipts are pending to be uploaded to their accounting software.

The Power of Machine Learning.

Retrieve key information from receipt, and upload it to your accounting software.

A paper receipt from Jewel Osco

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Jewel Osco®

1340 S. Canal Street, Chicago IL, 60607

Monday, May 15, 2023

+1(312) 666-5495


Uploaded to Xero Uploaded to QuickBooks

~ 50x faster

Total Process Time (3 receipts)


26 seconds


450 seconds


1330 seconds

Quick and Simple

Support Emails & Text Messages




No, only Emails


No, only Emails

Always Reliable

Support Bulk Uploads




YES-NO, stuck in 'Extracting'



We focus on doing one thing,
and doing it well.

Use your phone to text or email a receipt photo to Receipt-AI.

Texts & Emails

Receipt-AI will automatically extract inforamtion from your receipt and upload it to your account.

Extract key information

Automatically analyze the receipt data and generate useful statistics just for you.

Business insights

You can download the receipts as a CSV file with one click.

CSV download

If you use Xero for expense management, we can also rename the receipt and upload it to your Xero account in a nice and organized way.

Upload to Xero

If you use QuickBooks for expense management, we can also rename the receipt and upload it to your QuickBooks account in a nice and organized way.

Upload to QuickBooks

Time saver

Gone are the days of having to take pictures, upload receipts to your computer, rename and attach them to a CSV file - We eliminate all those steps for you.

Free up space

You don't have to worry about holding onto receipts anymore. With our service, you can add them within seconds.

No more lost receipts

Have you ever lost a receipt because it stayed with you for too long? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Understand your Return on Investment

This not only gives you a clear picture of your actual earnings but also empowers you to make informed decisions, paving the way for sustainable growth.

We love using it

Receipt-AI was initially crafted for our internal use, but given how much we enjoyed using it, we decided to launch it and share it with the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Female business owner presenting Receipt-AI features to a customer in her office.

Why do I need to keep receipts? *

Purchases, sales, payroll, and other transactions you have in your business will generate supporting documents. It is important to keep these documents because they support the entries in your books and on your tax return.

Is my data in Receipt-AI encrypted and safe?

Yes, your data in Receipt-AI is encrypted and securely protected. Safeguarding your information is our top priority.

Does Receipt-AI support email upload?

Yes, Receipt-AI supports email uploads. You can forward your receipt from the registered email address, with or without attachments. We aim to simplify the process for you.

Where can I find my uploaded receipts on Xero?

Click on your company name, then click 'Files'. All your uploaded receipts will be there.

Where can I find my uploaded receipts on QuickBooks?

Search for 'Attachments' using magnifier icon. All your uploaded receipts will be there.

Can I send multiple receipts in one message?

Yes, you can send as many receipt photos as you like in one or more messages. Our system treats each photo as a separate receipt and stores them in your account.

Do I need to include a message with my receipt image?

No, you don't need to type any messages. Our machine learning technology extracts information from the receipt image automatically such as date, merchant name and total amount. However, if you want to include a message, you can do so, and it will be displayed in your account.

Does it support countries outside of US and Canada?

At the moment, we support phone numbers from the US and Canada only, while email works worldwide. And we're actively working to bring Receipt-AI to more countries soon. Type your email and be the first to know when we expand our reach.

Can I use Receipt-AI if I don't have accounting software?

You do not need accounting software to use Receipt-AI. In fact, Good financial knowledge is key to making smart decisions and gaining insights.

How is 97% higher productivity calculated?

To calculate the 97% time saving, we compared the time required for the traditional method of uploading receipts to a computer, renaming receipts, and uploading them to our accounting software with the time needed for the Receipt-AI process. We manually went through the traditional method as quickly as possible, setting a timer to track our speed. In contrast, with Receipt-AI, we simply take a picture of the receipt and text it. By comparing the time difference, we found that we reduce repetitive work time by 97%.

Start Texting Receipts Now.

- Save 97% of your time with efficient receipt processing

- Perfect for businesses, big and small

- No extra app downloads. Works with tools you already have

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Business owner using Receipt-AI to take a picture of a receipt in a coffee shop.

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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