Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Text Receipts and PO Numbers for Construction Projects

Do you find it challenging to keep track of receipts and PO numbers (Purchase Order) while working on site? With the demands of the job and the team constantly moving, it's easy to lose track of receipts. Being unsure about a project's exact expenses can lead to headaches.

Invite your team to text their receipts. All receipts will show up in your Receipt-AI account and in software like QuickBooks or Xero. See the example below of a receipt texted by a teammate.

Text Receipt with PO Number for construction project

Name your folders with PO numbers. After texting a receipt, the system prompts you to choose an existing folder or create a new one. Any new folders are also available the next time you want to text a receipt.

Introducing the new folder ai feature

How to Track Receipts with PO number:

Sign up for a Premium or Business account
Go to Dashboard and click 'Edit Profile'
Activate 'Folder AI' and start texting receipts.

The best way to start understanding your return is to track your investment.

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Manage your Receipts with AI and SMS.

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Start texting receipts →

Receipt-AI with AI and SMS

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