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Introducing the New Receipt Line Items

We've just upgraded your experience with Receipt-AI πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ Upload your receipts and we will automatically extract line items for you. Imagine the time you'll save and the precision you'll gain in tracking receipts.

New Receipt Line Items - A digital receipt displaying items from Paris Baguette Chicago, dated Tuesday, March 26, 2024. It lists four items: 1) ham & cheese pastry priced at $5.09, 2) hash brown bread at $4.49, 3) 20oz signature brewed coffee at $4.19, and 4) 20oz cafe latte at $5.19.

Need to tweak something? You can easily edit each line item to keep your expense spot-on. It’s all about making your work as easy as possible.

It's interesting,
What are the use cases for line items?

New Receipt Line Items - Illustration of a cardboard box on a teal background, marked with labels including a barcode that reads 'WORLDWIDE DELIVERY' and symbols indicating handling instructions. This represents the inventory receipt tracking capability of Receipt-AI, where the line item feature automatically tracks contents of shipments.

1. Inventory Tracking:

Use this feature if you're part of a team that constantly receives deliveries and needs to record merchant details automatically, without the need for manual input.

* Open the shipment, upload the receipt using SMS, and the back office can download a CSV file for the warehouse system.

New Receipt Line Items - Illustration of an air mail envelope with the label 'AIR MAIL PAR AVION' and a 'PRIORITY' stamp, along with a postage stamp featuring a silhouette. This represents the use of Receipt-AI for tax purposes, where the line item feature aids in categorizing and documenting expenses for tax filings.

2. Tax Purposes:

This tool is essential if line item details significantly impact your tax filings and business operations.

* Not every line item is taxable? Receipt-AI is the best way to differentiate the two.

New Receipt Line Items -

3. Expense Splitting:

Each item on a receipt is identified and listed separately, making it easy to see exactly what was purchased and how much each item costs. This is especially useful for splitting expenses among multiple people.

New Receipt Line Items - Illustration of a bright yellow light bulb glowing against a pale blue background, symbolizing the 'insight' feature of Receipt-AI. This represents how the line item feature of Receipt-AI provides enhanced insights into spending patterns and financial decision-making.

4. More Insights:

Gain deeper insights for better decision-making, along with engaging information that adds a fun element to your data analysis.

What are other use cases can you think of?

We hope this can help you save time and money in your day-to-day operations.

πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯, and it's gonna be May πŸ™Œ

* Note: this feature is for Premium and Business customers only.

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